13 Feb 2012


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Why hello my lovelies. Happy Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. I swear I have all kinds of great reasons why I have been MIA on this little blog o’ mine. In fact, probably the primary reason I am posting right now is that I’ve run out of  about everything but sketch paper and need to get myself to thee art supply ASAP, but feel the need to keep myself busy none-the-less.  I’ve been working, I’ve had major projects, I have a short attention span and… I’ve moved! I have a brand-new (ok, maybe just new to me…) studio space with a big old gorgeous east-facing window. This new space is my source of joy and happiness, frustration, and many coffee fueled late nights. Good things are coming, I can guarantee it.

Here’s a little peek… (excuse the udder lack of decor so far, I’m sure the walls will be cluttered beyond my tolerance before long.)


The new 'less cave-like' bat cave.

I know, terrible picture.  Truth be told, I took it with my phone.  For shame.

Speaking of coffee, have you tried brewing with a French press? These babies make the best coffee. I don’t even own a drip machine anymore. Just sayin’.

At the moment I’m working on some t-shirt designs that I will have available at C2E2 this spring! Mark your calendars, April 13-15 at the Chicago McCormick Center. These babies are going to be very limited runs, so be sure to come by and grab one for your adornment.

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