16 Aug 2011

From the Bat-Cave to Chicago Comic Con

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I would LOVE to tell you what I have been so very, very busy with all summer that has kept me in my bat-cave studio at all hours of the day and night until I forgot that I was missing summer. However, I cannot just yet. Sorry. (Though I’m thoroughly champing at the bit!)

Soon, soon.

I have a lot on the horizon and a few new pieces that I just uploaded onto the portfolio page, so be sure to check them out. For now, here’s some fun from 2011 Chicago Comic Con, which was a fantastic time of meeting amazing fans and artists. I always come away completely exhausted and inspired, relieved to get some sleep and a proper hot meal, but sad that it has to end. Enjoy the pictures!

She is my hero for wearing this costume.

The obligatory Slave Leia

Too cute.

Some people just like and excuse to 'bare all'

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