Lynell Ingram has art running through her bones, her blood, and her toenails.  She works very hard at it, and finds all the sleep-deprived-coffee-fueled nights working late in the studio to be worth every minute.  Lynell finds that  inspiration is everywhere, from the heroes and villains in everyday life, just waiting to be picked from the air, and waiting to tell many stories.

Lynell received her education from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design with a major in Illustration.  Since that time, her illustrations have been published in games, books and magazines, and her work has been seen from time to time in Chicago area galleries and events.  Check out the portfolio page to see her art and illustration, and be sure to check out the blog for news and thoughts on art and illustration related topics.  Lynell is available for freelance work and would love to hear from you via the contact page or at lynell(at)lynellsartfultrick.com